19 — Òut dét Sant’Antoni

(The bend of Saint Anthony)

The name of our room number 19 is clearly linked to religious devotion. On the origins of the name Tremola, however, opinions diverge. During a public meeting in Airolo a well-known linguist explained that the term derives from the italian word ‘tramite’ (through) and indicates the function of connecting one side of the pass to the another side, but the idea was immediately contradicted by a farmer, who invited him to go to up the place when the wind blows, to realize that the meaning was another: ‘tremare’ (tremble)!

Tremola San Gottardo

3 — Òut du Fòrt

15 — Òut di Calanchitt

6 — Òut d’Santirana

19 — Òut det Sant’Antóni

8 — Òut d’Pradàsc

20 — Outón

10 — Òut du Saótru

22 — Sass dét Suaróf