3 — Òut du Fòrt

(The bend of the fort)

To give the name to this bend and to our room number 3 is the Forte Airolo. This imposing structure, covered by a granite tortoise and surrounded by a moat, was built between 1886 and 1889. The development of new ones political balance in Europe place the Gotthard at the center of a rapidly developing railway and road network, and with it Airolo assumed an important strategic role. This fortress can be visited from the beginning of June to the end of October.

3 — Òut du Fòrt

15 — Òut di Calanchitt

6 — Òut d’Santirana

19 — Òut det Sant’Antóni

8 — Òut d’Pradàsc

20 — Outón

10 — Òut du Saótru

22 — Sass dét Suaróf