6 — Òut dSantirana

The curves of the old road have a name, which bears witness to the great importance that this road had in the past for the population of Airolo. Each toponym expresses a meaning, which can be linked to a pasture, an event, a construction, a saint … The historical meaning of out of Santirana, unfortunately, has been lost. But who knows, maybe one day, can be recovered.

Tremola San Gottardo

3 — Òut du Fòrt

15 — Òut di Calanchitt

6 — Òut d’Santirana

19 — Òut det Sant’Antóni

8 — Òut d’Pradàsc

20 — Outón

10 — Òut du Saótru

22 — Sass dét Suaróf