About us

Luca Brughelli, manager and chef.

I’ve worked in taverns and prestigious restaurants all my professional life, trying to learn something new, looking to acquire an innovative and professional attitude to food. I wish for my dishes to represent my personal journey. I propose a simple cuisine inspired by the seasons with a special attention for local products and produce. I am interested to rediscover ancient traditions and flavors and I am keen to re-evaluate cast aside ingredients. I make no differences, all guests are the same, I cook with commitment and passion for all those who honour us with their presence.

Tania Brughelli, manager.

I was born in Portugal and came to Switzerland in 1977, first in Geneva and then in Lenzerheide. Soon after I moved to Ticino and worked for a long time in restaurants and hotels of the region of Locarno. For a short while I run a gelateria and for ten years, with Luca, I worked at the Osteria Mistral in Bellinzona. I offer to my guests the experience accumulated throughout my career. I fluently speak six languages.

Ruun Cali, kitchen assistant.

I was born in Somalia. I run away to escape the terror and violence in my country. I spent my childhood moving from place to place in Africa, mostly walking, looking for a job so I could help my family. I came to Switzerland in 2008 and benefited from the status of asylum seeker until 2014. I was hired as a kitchen assistant at Osteria Mistral in Bellinzona. Food is my passion and I try to learn from Luca the secrets of good cooking. Luca, Tania and Walter Brughelli have now become my family.

Hans Bandi, owner.

I was born in Airolo and grew up between the walls of the Tremola San Gottardo. In 2016, with the departure of the last managers, I found myself rethinking the purpose of this secular home. I decided to restructure it, trying to give it a new life without erasing its history. The idea of creating a cyclists-oriented structure stems from the desire to fill a gap in the touristic offering of the Alta Leventina (the Tremola San Gottardo is the first Bed&bike in the region), and the desire to develop a sustainable alternative for our ever milder winters. My region has so much to offer: the Tremola, the alpine passes, the pathways, the springs, the St.Gotthard. I believe that by highlighting the best of our region we can look optimistically into the future.